Air Combat Maneuvering (ACM) Course

As you move through ACM, you will expand on the basic tactical maneuvers learned in TacForm. You will first review the basic performance of low/high yo-yos and displacement rolls, and then be introduced to additional basic ACM maneuvers. Unlike previous blocks, your success will be gauged not on how well you perform particular maneuvers, but on how well you integrate them with tactics and strategies to win one-versus-one against an enemy. Finally, you will be introduced to coordinating your flying with a wingman and practicing section engaged maneuvering against a single  and multiple bandits. What you learn here will go with you throughout your career in tactical aviation.

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CJCS: ADM. Bryan "RIG" King 114 F/A-18E Operational BUS: 166867

CNO: RDML. Tom "DELTALEADER" Illingworth 115 F/A-18E Operational BUS: 166904

CO: CAPT. Malcolm "TALON" Hanson 101 F/A-18F Operational BUS:  166802

XO: CDR:Michael "Pence" Penson 100 F/A-18F Operational BUS: 165795

RADL. Chris "MUTTLEY" Rosado 104 F/A-18F Operational BUS: 165805

LCDR. John Wake 105 F/A-18F Operational Bus: 165807

LT Dan "Banjo" Denayer 106 F/A-18F Operational Bus: 166885

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