Date: 23SEP14-25SEP14
Time: 9:30pm EST
Flight Operation: Strike OPs in Crimea, Ukraine

Targets: Sevastopol Area

  1. Sevastopol AB, Sevastopol/Belbek, (Military Airport)
  2. Sevastopol Naval Base
  3. NIP-22 Yevpatoria Deep Space Tracking Station

Recon Photos



Tactically, a FENCE check is typically performed when entering or exiting a hostile area. It ensures aircraft systems are set for combat. To instill an easily transferable habit pattern, during T-6 training, a FENCE check is performed when entering the military operations area (MOA) (FENCE-in) and again when leaving the MOA (FENCE-out). In the T-6 FENCE stands for:
 F - Fuel (balance and quantity).
 E - Engine (within limits).
 N - NAVAIDs (GPS/EHSI set); N - NACWS (check range setting and clear the airspace).
 C - Communication (frequencies set, radio call according to local directives).   Checks complete (climb, ops, pre-stall, spin, aerobatic, descent).
 E - Equipment (G-suit test as required, loose items stowed). Emergency airfield options reviewed.

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